Aurèle offers a stunning collection of gold-plated statement rings that are not only beautiful but incredibly versatile and affordable for everyday wear. Those pieces are designed to effortlessly elevate your style. What sets our designs apart is their versatility.
At Aurèle, bold statement gold pieces are inspired by the vibrant eras of the 80s and 90s come to life. Lana Mehran is a fashion stylist with a love for gold jewelry. As a Californian girl with Middle Eastern roots, our founder's multicultural background influences our designs. We embrace the elegance of gold, drawing inspiration from Lana's mother and grandmother. "Each piece reflects their grace and the traditions they passed down." Our jewelry empowers you to make a statement and express your individuality with meticulously crafted designs. Discover jewelry that tells your story, blending tradition with a modern spirit.

Lana founder of Aurèle

Lana Mehran, Founder of Aurèle.